New digital survey begins A new digital survey of all Helensburgh’s Street Trees begins. This will provide a comprehensive list of all the trees…


July 2017 we were invited to become a member of The National Tree Collections of Scotland, notably the only urban tree collection.


The trees were resurveyed in 2016 and a new management plan prepared.


A renewal programme started and over the following 10 years over 1000 trees were planted by the trust. The planting was carried out by…


A professional survey was commissioned and 1,829 street trees were recorded and a management plan was prepared by Donald Roger Associates.


In 2002 three local residents, Sandy Kerr, Sheila Wilson and Bill Yule founded the Trust to promote the maintenance, conservation and sustainable management of…


By 2001 many street trees had reached maturity or passed their prime, leading for a need for remedial action and a renewal programme.


When the town council ceased to exist in 1975, due to the reorganisation of local government, the neglect of the trees appear to date…


A major phase of planting was initiated in 1910, the driving force being a councillor, Dr. J. Ewing Hunter. There followed planned planting of…


Early records confirm that as early as 1860, when the population was 4,613, a public meeting in the town called for trees to be…