Helensburgh – a special place

Set on the north shore of the Firth of Clyde, Helensburgh’s beautiful street trees, gardens and impressive architecture make for a truly unique urban landscape.

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Taking stock

Taking stock


Doug Flint of the National Tree Collections of Scotland and Martin Gardner, Co-ordinator of the International Conifer Conservation Programme visited Helensburgh on 16 January…

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Seasonal changes

Spring sees street after street bedecked with the pink, red or white of cherry, apple and pear blossom.

Summer stars

In summertime, graceful birches are the stars, their striking black and white bark standing out against a delicate tracery of arching branches and foliage while along other streets, hundred year old elms and limes stand leafy guard.

Autumnal colours

Few towns in Scotland can match Helensburgh’s streets in Autumn when reds, oranges, ochres and yellows clothe streets in a dreamcoat of colour.

Street Tree Snaps

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