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Helensburgh – a special place

Set on the north shore of the Firth of Clyde, Helensburgh’s beautiful street trees, gardens and impressive architecture make for a truly unique urban landscape.

Spring sees street after street bedecked with the pink, red or white of cherry, apple and pear blossom.

In summertime, graceful birches are the stars, their striking black and white bark standing out against a delicate tracery of arching branches and foliage while along other streets, hundred year old elms and limes stand leafy guard.

Few towns in Scotland can match Helensburgh’s streets in Autumn when reds, oranges, ochres and yellows clothe streets in a dreamcoat of colour.

No wonder the trees are so well loved by Helensburgh folk. They form an important part of the town’s heritage and evoke strong memories for those who have moved away .

Get out an enjoy a gentle stroll, maybe a bike ride or set off through our tree lined streets to more informal footpaths beyond. Whatever your reason for being out and about in Helensburgh, the trees are sure to enhance your experience.

Many of the older street trees which have graced the wide grass verges of the town for the last 70 years or more are now reaching the end of their life and need to be replaced. And it was with this in mind that Helensburgh Tree Conservation Trust was formed by town residents in 2002. The Trust now has more than 200 members who each pay an annual £10 subscription and this together with other fundraising efforts has allowed the planting of around 1000 new trees.

With your help we can do more!

If you share our passion for our exceptional trees please join the Trust or make a donation or do both!