Autumn Planting Plan 2023/2024

Over Autumn/Winter, Helensburgh’s streets are set to get a little greener. Here’s a quick overview of planting to come:
🌳 Sannox Place will welcome 7 beautiful Malus Rudolph trees, adding a splash of colour and life.
🌳 West Argyle Street is set to receive a stunning Prunus Kanzan, complete with a protective tree guard.
🌳 On West Montrose Street, 2 elegant Betula Pendula trees will take root, promising to enhance the area’s charm.
🌳 The Colgrain Dual Carriageway will see a renewal effort with the replacement of a vandalised tree with a vibrant Prunus Sunset Boulevard.
🌳 Upper Sutherland Crescent is looking forward to the addition of 16 Malus Rudolph trees, sure to transform the streetscape.
🌳 West Dhuhill Drive will see the replacement of a dead Rowan tree with a new Rowan Sorbus aucuparia Sheerwater Seedling, equipped with a root watering funnel and tree guard for its nourishment and protection.
🌳 and lastly, St. Michaels Drive is set to have 4 new Malus Rudolph trees.
It’s not just about planting trees; it’s about creating a legacy of street trees everyone in the community can enjoy for generations to come. A big thank you to everyone involved in making our community a greener, more beautiful place. 🌳🌱💚